SFIL: The Simplest Filecoin Mining Method With An APY of 90%

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How To Get SFIL?

Join Filecoin mining with only $10.

Do you want to be the most profitable person in the Filecoin ecosystem ASAP? Hold SFIL now!

Any decentralized wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain can open this DApp.

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Part 1: Download

Part 2: Wallet Creation

Part 3: How to Switch to BSC Network?

Part 4: How to Buy SFIL With MetaMask?

Part 5: Check Rewards

Part 6: Referral

As for steps to get SFIL , we ’ ll take MetaMask as an example .

Part 1Download

1Step 1

Visit https://metamask.io/

Click on “ Download now ” .

2Step 2

Remember to select the right version .

Part 2Wallet Creation

1Step 1

Open the app , click the ‘Getstarted’ button and ‘Create a new wallet’ button successively .

2Step 2

Set the wallet password , then click the ‘ Create password ’button .

3Step 3

Last but not least , we recommend that you secure your wallet by confirming the secret recovery phrase .

Part 3How to Switch to BSC Network ?

Fiat - ‘ Fast ’ or ‘ P2P ’

Here we ' ll take ‘ Fast ’ mode as an example

1Step 1

Go to the Settings and find the Networks section .

2Step 2

Click the ‘ Add Network ’button and fill in the blanks . Network Name : Binance Smart Chain

RPC Url :https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org

Chain ID : 56

Symbol : BNB

Block Explorer URL :https://bscscan.com

3Step 3

Click the ‘ Add ’ button .

Part 4How to Buy SFIL With MetaMask ?

1Step 1

Open MetaMask and find the Browser section . Copy and paste our DApp link (https://dapp.sfil.io/) into the search box .

2Step 2

Connect your wallet to this site after the reminder pops up .https://dapp.sfil.io/Click ' Add to Favorites ' in the lower right corner .

3Step 3

Click the ‘ Increase Hashrate ’button on the homepage and connect your wallet to PancakeSwap .

4Step 4

Click ‘ Select a Token ’and enter SFIL in the search box . Enter the amount of SFIL you want to buy , then you ’ll learn how many USDT needs to be paid .

Part 5Check Rewards

SFIL official will take random quick shots of our holder ’s addresses each day . Therefore , you must deposit SFIL in the wallet for at least 24 hours . All the rewards will be distributed to eligible addresses at 7:00 PM (GMT+8) the next day .

Part 6Referral

Copy the invitation code or link , then send it to your friends . It counts when he / she registered with your exclusive invitation code or link . Furthermore , you can also check your referrals out on this page .