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SFIL Brief Introduction

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SFIL Brief Introduction

Issue Time:2021/08/04
SFIL Brief Introduction
SFIL Foundation June 7

The First Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token of the Entire Network


Build a More Transparent, Efficient, and Free Filecoin Mining Ecosystem


What is SFIL?


SFIL has created a broader Filecoin hashrate market which enables free and efficient circulation of compliant money worldwide. Every SFIL is pegged to 0.01T Filecoin full hashrate. Once you hold SFIL in the wallet, you can get free FIL each day. Additionally, it is a token that has no liquidation risks and high-value leverage capability in the secondary market.


Lower Threshold for FIL Mining


Every SFIL represents a certain amount of valid full hashrate and can be used for mining immediately, which makes it easier for non-professional miners to choose mining service providers.


Release Miner's Financial Liquidity


SFIL helps release miner's financial liquidity all over the world and greatly improves the fund-use efficiency, thus creating a broader market for the Filecoin mining ecosystem.


Enrich Filecoin Ecosystem


The birth of SFIL has greatly lowered the threshold for mining newbies and is beneficial for the development of the entire Filecoin mining ecosystem.

Core Team
Xiaping Cao

Chairman of Decentralization Tech Foundation LTD (SFIL Foundation)


Ph.D. in Finance, Boston College, USA


Director of REAP Guangzhou Center of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a well-known scholar in the financial field, dean of Southern Institute of Finance and Technology, member of Guangdong Advisory Committee for Major Policy Decision, member of Guangzhou Equity Trading Center. He enjoys an international reputation in the technology and finance sector. 


Currently, he is a professor at the International Business School of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, former dean of the Asian Private Equity School of Singapore Management University, and visiting professor and tutor of NTU Technopreneurship & Innovation Center. Prof. 

Cao is currently the associate editor of Economic Modelling and Frontier in Artificial Intelligence. He has been invited to serve as the special issue editor of the renowned financial journal Pacific-Basin Finance Journal repeatedly. He has published several papers in top international finance and management journals, including Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Quantitative and Financial Analysis, Management Science. 


Once served as a consultant of Singapore Investor Protection Association initiated by Singapore Exchange and Visiting Professor of MyMoney for a long time.

George  Zhu
Chief Architect Decentralization Tech Foundation LTD (SFIL Foundation)

Member of Blockchain Innovation Alliance of China Mobile Communications Association (2018)


Having received a bachelor's degree in engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1996 and an MBA from Manchester Business School (MBS), George has been in charge of the development of several international-level technical products. In 2017, he has initiated the Fundnice project in Singapore. At that time, he was mainly engaged in the development of digital currency and fiat conversion systems. We've gotten the CMS securities finance license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore in 2018. Currently, he is dedicated to the IPFS distributed data storage and transmission sector, serving as the chief architect of SFIL.


Launch Standards


The max. supply of SFIL must possess the equivalent mining capability that all circulating tokens have.




Circulating Supply (Unit: SFIL)/Standard Full Hashrate (Unit: T)=100


For example, if SFIL's current circulating supply is 1,000,000, then it means 10000T authentic Filecoin Hashrate is used for mining. Moreover, the release of SFIL was supervised by the SFIL foundation, and it will deliver reports concerning the development of the SFIL ecosystem periodically.




SFIL Price Growth


Stake SFIL in the official wallet, get free FIL each day and enjoy other benefits brought by the development of the Filecoin Ecosystem.


Revenue Superimposing Index


According to Filecoin's official rules, 25% of the daily mining revenue will be distributed immediately, and the rest will be distributed within 180 days. As we all know, SFIL mining started on February 1. Therefore, you're going to earn more with each passing day.


Hashrate Strengthening Mechanism


When the staking percentage is lower than 70%, you'll get even more mining revenue. For example, if the current percentage is 10%, then you'll get 7X earnings.


SFIL Ambassador Scheme


As we all know, we'll only release SFIL after acquiring the corresponding amount of valid standard full hashrate. Therefore, Filecoin miners from all over the globe can exchange valid full hashrate for newly released SFIL.


The SFIL Ambassador scheme aims to unite more reputable miner nodes worldwide and provide more valuable mining services under a shared vision.


To participate in the ambassador scheme, the node is required to prove that he/she is the owner of the mining equipment or hashrate and their mining efficiency is higher than the average.


All hashrate acquired through the ambassador scheme and SFIL released thereof will be disclosed to all community members in the form of a third-party audit report.


Supporting Nodes





HelloFIL(f01782), one of the Top 3 nodes of Filecoin Space Race, has officially established cooperation with SFIL Team. It has a top-notch tech team and 30P Hashrate alone, which helps provide a more efficient mining service for SFIL holders.


Blueprint for the Future

Oct 2020

Built Filecoin Mine, Acquired 20P+ Filecoin Hashrate

 Nove-Dec 2020

Accumulated 30P Valid Hashrate, Completed Preparing for the Launch of SFIL with 50P Valid Hashrate

 Jan-Feb 2021

Launched SFIL Project, Released SFIL for Two Times

 Mar-Apr 2021

Launch FIL Loans and Joint Mining Functions on SHDeFi. Continuously Promote SFIL Ambassador Scheme, and Acquire More Standard Full Hashrate

Gradually Optimize SFIL Wallet, Establish Cooperation with More KOLs

May-Oct 2021

Continue Exploiting Overseas Market, Get SFIL Listed on More Top Exchanges

 Dec 2021

Increase Hashrate to 100P

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