SFIL: The Simplest Filecoin Mining Method With An APY of 90%

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What Is SFIL?

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What Is SFIL?

Issue Time:2021/11/29

SFIL is a well-designed token and the world’s first token to support automatic Filecoin mining.

Currently, it is available on all the decentralized crypto wallets which support Binance Smart Chain.

Deposit your SFIL in the wallet, then you can get free FIL each day, which ranks top 30 in terms of market capitalization.

Your ROI will be over 200%.


How does SFIL suppose to make it?

Though SFIL is a Token, it’s Filecoin hash power in nature.

Each SFIL stands for 0.01T Filecoin hash power and was backed by real mining machines.

Buying SFIL equals purchasing part of the mining machine's hash power.

You’ll automatically receive a considerable amount of income through filecoin mining each day.


When to sell FIL received for cash? It’s totally up to you!


Filecoin is a fabulous blockchain project.

Since its launch in 2017, it has been providing services for the permanent storage of human data.

Filecoin has now established a distributed data storage network in five continents.

To ensure safety, Metaverse needs to be built on Filecoin's decentralized data network in the future. No one except Filecoin could store plenty of speed and bandwidth-demanding 3D videos and audios generated by Metaverse.

Therefore, Filecoin is the infrastructure of Metaverse and has reached a broad consensus globally.

Do you want to build the infrastructure of Metaverse with your global partners?

If yes, buy SFIL and become one of the co-builders now.


Meanwhile, you’ll be the first batch of people to grow rich for investing in Metaverse.

SFIL can also bring a prosperous life to the people from third-world nations.


Currently, nearly 2 billion people across the globe do not have a bank account and are unable to enjoy inclusive financial services.

As for the reasons, it may be caused by war or the political environment.

SFIL is a blockchain-based  crypto financial product. 

It does not require any bank accounts or permissions from relevant institutions. You can give it a try with only$5. We are confident that the high returns for investing in SFIL will bring a stable and prosperous life to people from third-wolrd nations.


SFIL will acquire over 1 million users worldwide based on its goal.

It will go all out to become the world’s biggest decentralized finance service platform that serves Metaverse.

Just like many giant crypto platforms, SFIL will airdrop its governance token to early holders and ambassadors.

Here, we’ve got some examples for you, UNI of Uniswap, ENS of Ethereum Name Service.

The airdrop would be worth tens of thousands of or even hundreds of thousands of USD.


No matter where you come from, Nigeria or Venezuela.

No matter where you are right now, Africa, Latin America, Europe, or Southeast Asia.

SFIL can bring you a handsome income in the simplest way.


Therefore, what is SFIL?


SFIL is the infrastructure of Metaverse. Buy SFIL and become one of its service providers.

SFIL is a crypto financial product that can bring a prosperous life to people from third-world nations.

The further development of the SFIL ecosystem will undoubtedly generate high returns for early holders and ambassadors.


What are you waiting for?

Join Filecoin mining with SFIL now!


Supported by all decentralized crypto wallets

SFIL is a Filecoin hashrate token that can now trade on PancakeSwap.


Unlike many much-hyped tokens, SFIL was backed by authentic hash power.

SFIL’s price may fluctuate as the price of hash power changes.

However, it will never crash down to zero because the price of hash power is no way to be zero.



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