SFIL: The Simplest Filecoin Mining Method With An APY of 90%

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SFIL - The World’s First Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token

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SFIL - The World’s First Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token

Issue Time:2021/11/30

SFIL - The World’s First Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token


Filecoin, a storage incentive layer built on IPFS, aims to build a distributed storage network to store humanity’s most important information. Filecoin miners are rewarded with FIL for providing storage.


SFIL, the world’s first Filecoin standard full hashrate token, was issued by the SFIL Foundation (Singapore). Each SFIL is pegged to 0.01T Filecoin standard full hash power. Users can join Filecoin mining by staking SFIL in the official wallet. Apart from receiving the mining rewards on the starting day, users can also get the linear releasing rewards accumulated in the last 180 days at the same time.


By joining Filecoin mining with SFIL, users don’t need to worry about a series of problems, such as token staking, GAS fees, and encapsulation duration, etc. You can trade SFIL on exchanges and join Filecoin mining whenever you want. Currently, the APY for investment and reinvestment with SFIL is expected to be 200%+ and 400%+, respectively.


Part I: Highlights

1. The World’s First Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token

Generally speaking, users have to purchase storage devices and place them in the IDC machine room before joining Filecoin mining and getting token rewards. SFIL is the world’s first project to tokenize Filecoin’s full standard mining machines. Users don’t necessarily have to learn about the operation & maintenance of mining machines and Filecoin’s complicated economic model, they can purchase SFIL and join mining within a few seconds. We’re dedicated to simplifying the process and bringing high returns for our fans.


2. Full Hash Power

The high or low of mining hash power is never depending on the size of your hard disc, it’s closely related to the amount of data stored in it. Users can join mining with the highest efficiency since the mining machines that SFIL was backed with are encapsulated with full data.


3. Perpetual Hash Power

When purchasing other Filecoin hash power products, you’ll find that their service periods are normally 540 days or 3 years. However, you can fulfill perpetual mining with SFIL. As long as you hold SFIL in the official wallet, you can get free FIL each day.


4. Superimposing Revenue

According to Filecoin's official rules, 25% of the daily mining revenue will be distributed immediately, and the rest will be distributed within 180 days. Honestly, this is hard for users to understand and calculate costs. On November 1, 2021, SFIL mining officially started on the Binance Smart Chain. As of now, the linear releasing part has accumulated for 150 consecutive days, which means users can get 150-day rewards the first day they join SFIL mining.


5. Excellent Liquidity

Selling secondhand machines was hard. While for SFIL, you can exchange them for fiat in the secondary market whenever you want.


6. Assets Safety & Mining Rewards Guaranteed

As we all know, SFIL was backed by real mining machines. Therefore, you can get an APY ranging from 50% to 150% by holding SFIL regardless of the token price volatility.  If the price of FIL soars, the number of APY will be even higher.  


7. No ICO, No VC, No Team Reserves

All the circulating SFIL was backed by real mining machines. To conclude SFIL’s main features, we would say ‘No ICO, No VC, No Team Reserves, No illegal Additional Issuing’.


Part II: Contact Us

1. Official Website: www.sfil.sg

2. Exchange Listed: PancakeSwapGate, LBank

3. Twitter:https://twitter.com/sfil_io

4. Telegram:https://t.me/sfil_official

5. Medium:https://sfil-io.medium.com/




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