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SFIL's Blueprint for the Future

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SFIL's Blueprint for the Future

Issue Time:2021/12/07
As the world’s first Filecoin standard full hashrate token, SFIL has created a new way of Filecoin mining featuring high returns, excellent liquidity, and a low threshold for participation. As of now, the SFIL community has gained 8,000+ users and the total valuation of its hash power is over 200 million Yuan. Herewe want to say thank you to all the ambassadors for their hard work.

There is no doubt that we'll continue to move forward. SFIL’s ultimate goal is to become the world’s most popular Filecoin hash power product and to build a sustainable project with ambassadors as the major shareholders under the Filecoin ecosystem.

By further upgrading the ‘Stars Program’, we hope to empower more ambassadors, kindle everyone's enthusiasm, and unleash their potentials. Additionally, SFIL will conduct an all-round upgrade in terms of product, marketing plan, and user experience:

1. SFIL Has Realized the Decentralization of the Storage and Trading of Hash Power Assets

Currently, SFIL DApp has been launched on BSC, and token trading is also available on Pancake Swap. SFIL is a type of high-quality asset featuring decentralized, searchable on the blockchain, low transaction fees, and high yields. Through tokenization, SFIL is also able to be deeply engaged in DEFI mining, which further expands the composability and interoperability of hash power products.


2. Create a Full-category Product Matrix Under the Filecoin Ecosystem

SFIL will continue to enrich the product matrix of the Filecoin hash power ecosystem, such as the FIL loan market, FIL coin-margined interest-yielding hash power products, etc.


3. Launch the World's Most Popular and User-friendly Filecoin Hash Power Product

When purchasing traditional hash power, users need to overcome the information asymmetry and avoid fraud. This runs counter to the spirit of the blockchain.

Thanks to the tokenization of hash power and decentralization of assets and transactions, purchasing hash power has become simpler and more convenient. You will be engaged in Filecoin mining the moment you finished buying SFIL. Anyway, SFIL will launch the world's most popular and user-friendly Filecoin hash power product.


4. Build an Integrated Filecoin Hash Power Financial Ecosystem

Filecoin's mission is to become the storage infrastructure for storing humanity’s most important information. Storage providers are the most important builders and beneficiaries of the Filecoin ecosystem and they will get payments from Filecoin data storage, retrieval, verification, etc. SFIL makes joint efforts with Filecoin to gradually build an integrated Filecoin hash power financial ecosystem, and share the dividends with all our users.


5. Transform Users Into the Major Shareholders of SFIL

With the deployment of the Filecoin contract, SFIL will be deeply engaged in the Filecoin ecosystem in terms of DEFI mining, GameFi, and Metaverse construction, etc. Honestly, SFIL is a project with sufficient cash flow. We will issue a governance token in the future and share revenue with all our users. SFIL will guide users to be deeply involved in the Filecoin ecosystem and transform our users into major shareholders.


All the contents above are our plans for the future. SFIL has now become the most competitive hash power token. Additionally, we will build a sustainable project with continuous profit-making capabilities and an ever-growing product matrix. We sincerely invite you to join us and we believe you’ll get handsome returns.

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