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Issue Time:2021/12/14
1.What is SFIL?
Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token (SFIL) is a token collateralized by real Filecoin hashrate. Every SFIL is pegged to 0.01T Filecoin full hashrate. Once you hold SFIL in the wallet, you can get free FIL each day. Additionally, it is a token that has no liquidation risks and high-value leverage capability in the secondary market.
2.What is SFIL’s Underlying Value-added Logics?
SFIL is The First Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token. Every SFIL is pegged to 0.01T Filecoin full hashrate. Therefore, every SFIL is a value token supported by real hashrate assets. Of the cost of Filecoin’s hashrate, about 10% is the cost of the machine, and about 90% is the pledged FIL. As the price of FIL increases, the price of SFIL will rise, and users will also enjoy the asset appreciation brought about by the increase in FIL price.
3.What is the Revenue Superimposing Index of SFIL?

SFIL strictly follows the official Filecoin revenue distribution rules. That is, 25% of the daily mining income will be released immediately, and 75% will be released in 180 antennas.

On February 1, 2021, SFIL mining officially started and the linear releasing part will be counted ever since. As time goes by, the Revenue Superimposing Index becomes larger.

For example,From February 1st to March 3rd, SFIL has been mining for 30 days, and the superimposed index is 30. So far, it has exceeded 180 days of mining, and the superposition index is 180.

4.Why can SFIL realize sustainable mining?

The cost of Filecoin hashrate includes storage hardware, GAS, and pledge coins. After the 540-day encapsulation of the sector expires, it can be encapsulated again to continue mining. There is no need to repeatedly invest in storage hardware and pledge coins, only a small amount of GAS is required. Therefore, FIL hashrate can technically realize sustainable mining.

At present, most hashrate service providers do not support sustainable mining. It is not technically impossible, but a design problem in the business model.

5.How do I get SFIL token?

SFIL has launched BSC and established a flow pool in Pancake.

SFIL Dapp address: https://dapp.sfil.io/.

Any decentralized wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain can open this DApp.

6.What is the hashrate node number of SFIL hashrate?
SFIL hashrate node numbers are f0222611, f01782, and f035364.
7.What is the current issuance of SFIL? What is the current circulation of SFIL?

The current issuance of SFIL is 2 million.

SFIL currently has 1.9 million in circulation.

8.How long could SFIL hashrate mine?
SFIL could mine for a long time.
9.How much is the custody fee?
SFIL follows the common industry standards and charges a 20% custody fee.
10.Will the currency price affect the encapsulation cost?
About 90% of FIL’s hashrate cost is pre-collateralized FIL. As the price of FIL becomes higher and higher, the encapsulation cost will become higher and higher.
11.What is the daily withdrawal limit of SFIL and FIL?
No limit for now.
12.How is the SFIL income distributed?

Rewards Distribution Rules:

1.SFIL official will take random quick shots of our holder’s addresses each day. Therefore, you must deposit SFIL in the wallet for at least 24 hours.

2.Remember to authorize your wallet before buying SFIL on Pancake Swap. Otherwise, your depositing period will be counted from the moment you finish the authorization.

3.All the rewards will be distributed to eligible addresses at 7:00 PM (GMT+8) the next day.

Eg: If you bought SFIL on January 7 and deposited them in the wallet, then you’ll receive FIL as the mining revenue at 19:00, January 9 (UTC+8).

13.Is KYC required for withdrawal?
No required.
14.Does the withdrawal need to be reviewed?
No review required.
15.Can SFIL withdraw to other wallets?
Yes, you can withdraw any wallet that supports SFIL.
16.How long does it take to unlock the stake?
Deposit whenever you want.
17.Is all the FIL of SFIL’s income released?
Hold SFIL to participate in Filecoin mining, in addition to receiving 25% of the block reward every day, you can also get up to 180 antennas of superimposed income in advance. Since August 1, 2021, SFIL has been issued for 180 days, so the 180-day income will be all released.

This is also one of SFIL’s core strengths.
18.How to prove that SFIL anchored real hashrate ?
Users can verify on the blockchain that the daily income of SFIL is remitted from the owner node, and the node has sufficient hashrate to support it.
19.Which wallets currently support SFIL DEX? What is the download link?

1)TokenPocket: www.tokenpocket.pro

2)MetaMask: https://metamask.io

3)MathWallet: https://mathwallet.org/en-us/

The above are several main wallets that support the BSC chain. You can choose one of them to download.

20.Which trading pairs are supported in the first stage? What is the transaction fee?
The first stage supports SFIL/USDT, and the handling fee is charged according to the normal BSC GAS.
21. Contacts

Official Website: www.sfil.sg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sfil_io

Telegram: https://t.me/sfil_official

Medium: https://sfil-io.medium.com/


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