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10 Reasons to Invest in SFIL

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10 Reasons to Invest in SFIL

Issue Time:2022/01/17

1. SFIL is never at risk of zeroing
Because SFIL is the tokenization of Filecoin’s computing power, 1 SFIL represents the mining revenue right of 0.01T of FIL computing power, and you can never get FIL computing power for free. Think about the zero coins you’ve bought, 99% of the coins can’t compare to SFIL.
2. Regardless of bulls and bears, whether ups or downs, SFIL brings you stable income every day
Hold SFIL to enjoy the benefits of FIL computing power. No matter how the currency price rises or falls, no matter how the market changes, you can get FIL every day.Moreover, APR has remained above 50%, and if you buy an NFT or other token, once the price of the currency falls, you will got nothing.
3. SFIL never runs the risk of running away
SFIL official has a very healthy profit model. For every SFIL sold, the official can get 20%-30% of the sales profit and 20% of the mining revenue service fee every day. Such a healthy profit model is enough to support the long-term development of SFIL. Think about which tokens are running away, and which one has a profit model like SFIL?
4. The price of SFIL always has a clear valuation model
1 SFIL represents 0.01T of FIL computing power, so the cost of 0.01T of FIL computing power is the bottom of the price of 1 SFIL. The computing power cost of FIL can be viewed on the entire network, and the price of SFIL fluctuates with its computing power value. You can always figure out whether the price of SFIL is reasonable now.
5. SFIL has first-class liquidity and is a computing power that can be traded at any time
If you are a crypto miner, holding SFIL will bring you the best liquidity, because you can trade your computing power at any time, so you can use your funds very flexibly.
6. Each computing power asset corresponding to SFIL can be verified by blockchain
The nodes of SFIL are public on the whole network. Through the blockchain transfer of the Owner account, the authenticity of the SFIL node can be reversely verified. Each user’s SFIL has a blockchain to ensure the stability of its income.
7. Buy SFIL, your encrypted assets are 100% safe
When you buy SFIL on Pancakeswap, SFIL will be automatically stored in your decentralized wallet. As long as you keep your keys properly, no one can steal your assets.
8. Compared with Farm projects such as defi, SFIL’s mining income is higher and the income is more stable
Many emerging defi or gamefi projects use high APR to attract investment, but in the end, APR returns to normal, usually harvesting a large number of people who invest later, while SFIL, like Bitcoin mining, uses mining machines and pure blocks The rewards are used for mining, and the income is stable, which is basically maintained at around 50%-150%.
9. Filecoin is a seriously undervalued mainstream crypto asset, and SFIL is the best way to get FIL
Different from a large number of unknown and emerging encrypted tokens, FIL has been listed on 100+ mainstream exchanges, including Coinbase and Binnace, with a daily liquidity of 1 billion US dollars. At present, the price of FIL is seriously undervalued, holding SFIL for mining FIL has huge value-added space.
10. Anyone needs to configure encrypted assets with good liquidity and stable returns
Anyone should allocate some crypto assets with stable returns and good liquidity, and investing a lot of money into emerging crypto tokens that are high-risk and may return to zero at any time is undoubtedly gambling. SFIL has both liquidity and stable income, and is the first choice for asset allocation.
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